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أسماء مستحقي الأرباح الغير مستلمة من قبل مساهمي الشركة عن السنوات السابقة
Names of The Company’s shareholders those did not collected their entitled dividends for the previous years.
Head Office
+971 2 4456685
Al Ain Branch
+971 37642142
+971 37667775
Dubai Branch
+971 4 2725500
+971 4 2725511
Sharjah Branch
+971 6 5753440
+971 6 5753441
Re - insurance

Al Ain Ahlia is rated A3 by Moody's due to the company’s superior capitalization, good underwriting earnings trend and highly liquid assets base. OUR COMPANY IS ONE OF THE LARGEST INSURERS IN THE REGION.

Our Reinsurance arrangements provide for greater diversification of business, allow management to control exposure to potential losses arising from large risks and provide additional capacity for growth. The Reinsurance security we use is of Prime importance and our Panel of reinsurers offers first class security with a broad spectrum of the major international reinsurers being our long term partners.

In brief, our strength lies in our professionalism with recognized technical support, quick response time, a thorough understanding of our client’s requirements, prompt claim settlement and the knowledge that our clients are protected by first class security.

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